AHTZIC SILIS is the son of Salvador Silis, a founding member of the National Resistance (RN), a political wing of one of the five Marxist guerrilla movements that originated the civil war in El Salvador at the beginning of the 1970s. 


Ahtzic is a French-Salvadorian artist and designer. His work in wrought iron, medias and photography is mixed with sculpture, architecture and interior design. As an artist he offers a modern reinterpretation of the passion contained in the myths of the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayans. It is the magic of this legendary and marvelous culture that allows him to create.


DANIELLE STEPHANE. After finishing her degree on in Fine Arts in Paris, Danielle Stéphane returned to Lyon, her hometown. Painting and writing are her main activities. She worked until 2012 as an art therapist and teacher. Her interest in the body, skin, fabric, tattoos, embroidery and specific symbols in her life lead her to work on clothes that she solidifies and paints with India ink.

Created by DANIELLE STEPHANE and AHTZIC SILIS, this exhibition enjoys the collaboration of six artists: 


  • Karla Segura Pantoja

  • Christian Nabais

  • Vankiep Silis

  • Irene Castro

  • Sophie Hoang Trong

  • Bernadette Brouillat,


native of El Salvador, Mexico, Finland, Vietnam and France.

No part of this work (illustrations, artist boxes, sculptures, texts, photographs, logos, names) may be used without expressed written consent from Danielle Stéphane and Ahtzic Silis.
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